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We know your requirements and we offer solutions tailored to you...Our team, which is composed of professionals with years of know-how and experience in their respective fields, closely follows up on local and global economic / sectoral developments, analyzes needs and expectations of our clients in detail and is involved in the placement of the most appropriate insurance policies tailored to client’s needs with a proactive approach. Integra Credit Center (ICC) software, developed by the Integra team, is just one of our value-added services, which supports the decision-making and optimization processes by analyzing historical aging data related to accounts receivables

What is Credit Insurances?

Credit Insurance is a type of insurance that indemnifies damages and losses that may arise as a result of non-payment of trade receivables. This policy covers receivables with a maturity of up to 180 days arising in the country and / or abroad, excluding sales with 100% bank guarantee. Credit insurance covers 2 types of risks: Commercial Risks (e.g. Bankruptcies and / or Late Payments) and Political Risks (e.g. wars, embargoes, risk of non-transfer of funds, and risk of non-payment by public purchasers). Political risks coverage is offered only for export receivables. Credit insurance enables clients to secure existing receivable risks and to enhance the buyer portfolio by entering into new markets.