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What are our products?

This insurance provides coverage for damages and losses suffered by cargoes during transportation from one place to another by suitable road, sea, airway and railway transportation vehicles. The relevant coverage can be offered with the limits specified in by the General Terms and Conditions of Transportation, the Institute Clauses A, B, C, the Full Loss, the Truck Clause, and the Special Terms and Conditions of Transportation.

This insurance offers coverage, as per policy terms and conditions, for all risks that a product might be exposed to from its production until receipt thereof by the end-user. The risks exposed to by the product in the course of International Transportation, Internal Transportation, and Warehousing operations are insured by means of a comprehensive insurance coverage.

This insurance offers coverage for the risks that might be exposed to by commodities of third parties as a result of commercial operations of the insured during loading, unloading, stacking and relocation activities performed within the boundaries of warehouses with indoor areas whose addresses are stated on the policy. It covers tangible damages to commodities and physical / bodily injuries to third persons under legal liability of the insured, subject to the special terms and conditions, clauses, and limits set out in the insurance policy.

This insurance offers coverage for all transportation activities that shall be carried out based on an agreement between the insured and the insurer on price, coverage limits, terms, and price. The policy may be issued based warehouse premiums or per voyage depending upon requirements of work, and generally covers one year. Since the annual insurance cost is taken into consideration for floating insurance policies, and therefore a larger transportation costs are incurred, a price advantage can be achieved in comparison to the one-off transportation policies.

The hull and machinery insurance policies offer coverage for the risks that can be exposed to in the sea by all kinds of sea vehicles used for commercial purposes (e.g. tankers, dry cargo ships, bulk carriers, sea busses, tugboats, floating cranes, floating pools, etc.).

The P & I Insurance (Protection and Indemnity) covers liabilities of the hull / ship owners against third parties, the environment, staff members, and cargoes , if any.

The Hull Construction Insurance offers coverage for the risks that the newly constructed or extensively refurbished boats may face during these operations.

This insurance offers coverage for risks and losses any yacht or its equipments may face, including during the towage, transportation, or launching of a yacht together with its hull at ports, shipyards, marinas, sleds, or boathouses.

The Terminal Operator Liability Insurance offers coverage for damages to and losses of cargoes, watercrafts, equipment and third party commodities suffered in the course of approaching, loading, and unloading activities performed at the port, and for damages to and losses of any third parties or commodities suffered due to the presence of watercrafts available at the port.

The Watercrafts Liability Insurance covers the liabilities of the owners of watercrafts against third parties, the environment, their staff members, and cargoes.