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As a result of the rapid political changes in the world in recent years, the political risks that are more common in developing countries have been spreading into developed countries. For this reason, it is the type of insurance that is the most preferred insurance after insuring the risks of trade receivables. Our team aims to provide the best options, contents and costs by combining its knowledge and experience with a customer-centric approach to contribute to insurance costs and minimize risks.

What is Political Risk Insurance?

When your company is trading with or investing into a country other than your country of residence, your company may suffer monetary / financial losses due to the unpredictable risks which prevent doing business due to political and / or administrative events or actions in that country.

What are main coverages for political risks?
War, civil war, rebellion
The risk of non-payment of receivables arising from a contract, and the risk that contractual terms cannot be fulfilled by public buyers
Inability of public buyers to fulfill their obligations
Losses of assets due to political violence
Ability to convert into foreign currencies and to transfer
Embargoes (import & export)
Seizure, problems in delivery of prepaid goods
Unjustified recalls of letters of guarantee
Overseas investments & overseas contracts
Changes of law in a way that would prevent doing business in the country

The purchase of this coverage prevents any negative impacts on the balance sheet or cash flows, and provides coverage against unanticipated risks.