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What are our products?

The construction and erection all risk insurances offer coverage for previously unknown sudden and unexpected damages to and losses of construction works, or any machineries under erection, in the course of performance of construction or erection activities, which are not exempted under the general terms and conditions of the policy. The most important issue to be considered with respect to the Construction and Erection All Risks Insurance is the serious problems attributable to the passing insurance liabilities to each contractor for the large projects that are awarded to several contractors.

For this reason, it is recommended for this type of projects that the insurance is taken out by the employer administration as a single insurance policy from the beginning to the end of the works, and that the insurance fees corresponding to the relevant policy sections is deducted from monthly progress payments payable to each contractor. We suggest that this application is specified in the implementation contract. The Construction and Erection All Risks Insurances are not annual, and cover the period of time from the date of the delivery of construction site until the temporary acceptance dates for the works covered by the insurance.

The electronic devices insurance offers an all risks insurance coverage for electrical devices that are under operable conditions after their transportation, installation, and testing activities are completed. Upon request, it can be extended with additional earthquake and strike, lockout, civil movement, and terrorism coverages. Unlike machine breakdown insurance policies, no fire insurance is taken out for devices to be insured under an electronic devices insurance, but in contrary, if the business owns any additional fire coverage, and policies for theft events, then it is required to deduct the values of the devices to be covered by the electronic devices insurance for the purpose of avoiding any repeated premium payments, It is important that the devices are notified with their replacement price without deducting their depreciations at the time of notification of values for electronic device and machinery breakdown insurance policies.

The purpose of the machine breakdown insurance is to insure the machinery against internal and self-damages, and is offered for all the machineries that are under operable conditions and used for production purposes after their transportation, installation, and testing activities are completed. The Machinery Breakdown Insurance is offered only for the machines for which a Fire Insurance Coverage has been taken out. These are two complementary policies in terms of their coverages. In case of need, a theft coverage can also be taken out for the machines.

This insurance covers damages to and losses of construction machineries suffered as a result of any risks covered by the general and special conditions of insurance while they are seated at the risk address (e.g. construction site) in connection with the performance of construction / installation works covered by insurance.