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We know your requirements and we offer solutions tailored to you...Our Healthcare and Benefits Team aims to design and manage the benefits programs tailored to the requirements of our clients and their employees. Our team applies a boutique approach with its local and global experience and customer-oriented point of view that makes a difference in the sector. Our team members with minimum 10 years of experience in their respective fields, create additional value by designing programs, indemnity follow-up, submitting development proposals based on a proactive approach during the policy period, 7/24 accessibility, and they work with passion.

What are our products?

This insurance covers healthcare expenses incurred in connection with healthcare services received at the preferred healthcare institutions as a result of unexpected situations such as illnesses or accidents. It enables the necessary diagnoses and treatments to be received at private health institutions using modern methods without having any financial concerns. Your healthcare expenses are covered up to the limits specified in your policy and according to the general and special terms and conditions of the policy.

The Private Health Insurances have two main coverages as follows: the Inpatient Treatment Coverage and the Outpatient Treatment Coverage.

The Inpatient Treatment Coverage covers the expenses related to hospitalization in connection with operations with or without surgery including the doctor, operating room, assistant, anesthesia, and other medical services, and also covers intensive care and ambulance expenses up to the applicable limits.

The Outpatient Treatment Coverage includes medical examinations, diagnostic methods (such as MRI, tomography and laboratory tests), some minor treatments listed under outpatient treatments category, and drug expenses up to the applicable limits.

This is an insurance product that covers bodily damages of individuals suffered that as a result of sudden and external events. It offers the benefits of accidental death, and permanent disability also, there are optional treatment costs and daily indemnity benefits.

The annual life insurance acts to secure the financial state of the family and compensate for the losses that would be suffered by family members in the case of death or disability of the insured. In case the risk is realized, the amount set out in the policy shall be paid to the insured or his/her legal heirs or beneficiaries.

The cumulative life insurance is a long-term policy. In the event of the death prior to the expiry of the insurance period, of the policyholder who has paid premiums throughout the insurance period, the amount set on the policy and the accumulation with a profit share is paid as a lump sum amount to the insured’s heirs or beneficiaries. The insurance policy can be used in the form of a lump sum payment or a revenue payment at the end of the period, provided that no covered risks have occurred within the policy period, and at least 10 years of premiums have been paid.

This healthcare insurance allows individuals registered with the Social Security Organization to receive healthcare services at private hospitals holding a contract with the Social Security Organization without having to pay any extra fees, in order to receive healthcare services of superior standards with lower premium amounts compared to the private healthcare insurance. This insurance is offered to Turkish citizens registered with the Social Security Organization, who are under the age of 55. For those with complementary health insurance, there is no need to make any payments, other than the sum of 15 TL which has to be paid legally, for treatment and examination services received at private hospitals.

This insurance covers risks such as accidents, luggage losses, illnesses, etc. that you may encounter during your travels. Due to the fact that foreign travel insurance is required for visa procedures, it is important that the number of people to travel, and the inception and expiry dates of the policy conform to the visa requirements of the country to be traveled when visa insurance is taken out. It may be taken out for different days and periods based on travel dates.

The private healthcare insurance which is required for foreigners to reside in our country in accordance with the law enacted on April 11, 2014, covers healthcare expenditures incurred by the insured person at private contracted healthcare institutions in case of any illnesses and / or accidents suffered during the period of insurance.

This is a system for which anyone over 18 years of age may apply voluntarily for long-term investment purposes. The system is regulated by the law and supervised by the Undersecretariat of Treasury and Pension Monitoring Center. The funds you invest when you become a member of the system are maintained under the security of Takas Bank.