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We know your requirements and we offer solutions tailored to you...The Team of Professional & Financial Insurances, with each member thereof being a leading professional in his/her respective field, aims to design the optimum insurance program and provide the best service by combining many years of knowledge and experience with a customer-centered approach. The team members are professionals, who have served majority of corporations procuring financial insurances in Turkey. The team has a minimum of 10 years industry experience in this field and they have managed claim files with the highest amounts in Turkey.

What are our products?

It is a liability insurance that covers the personal liabilities of board members and corporate directors arising from the Laws & Regulations and the company's Articles of Association.

Professional Liability Insurance covers losses sustained by third parties as a result of actual or alleged professional errors and omissions, where the Insured is legally liable to pay.

It is a comprehensive product designed for both financial and commercial enterprises to cover damages and losses suffered as a misconduct, third-party fraud and fidelity. It is also possible to include damages and losses caused by electronic frauds in the scope of these insurance policies.

Prepared specially for the portfolio management or venture capital companies, this insurance product covers indemnities and expenses which might be claimed by third parties as a result of errors or omissions of the employees committed in the course of performing relevant financial services (where the company is legally liable to pay). This insurance also offers coverage for managerial liabilities of these companies’ directors.

The Public Offering Insurance (POSI) is an insurance product that provides coverage for liabilities of the Company and directors arising from wrongful acts committed during offering of securities arising during the whole offering process, including roadshow and liabilities attached to Prospectus.

Also called Warranties & Indemnities Insurance, this insurance product aims to protect both buyers and sellers from any material damages and losses caused by various errors contained in representations or warranties in the Share Purchase Agreement (SPA). The use of this product will enable the buyer to distinguish bids, and the sellers to reduce the indemnity liabilities, so that agreements can be completed efficiently for both parties. It is also possible to cover tax liabilities and environmental liabilities which were not known by the parties, especially during the execution of the agreement.

It is an insurance product which is used frequently by construction companies operating abroad. It is designed to cover the risks that occur as a result of kidnapping, ransom, blackmailing events, and includes coverages such as personal accident, treatment expenses, ransom payments, ransom consultancy services, and etc.

This insurance covers high worth assets that are maintained in strongboxes or are in transit on “all risks” basis. The Fine Arts Insurance provides a Package Insurance Coverage for your assets bearing fine arts value on extended all risks basis by combining the conventional protection offered by the fire and theft policies with foreign and domestic transportation insurances under the same umbrella. The guarantee provides a general umbrella protection not only where the works of art are statically present, but also at the moment of transport and / or in other locations. The coverage offers an overall umbrella protection not only for the venues where fine arts are statically present, but also when they are in transit and being displayed at other locations. The most advantageous aspect of this policy is that, unlike the conventional coverages, the exclusions are clearly indicated in the insurance policy, and all the remaining risk items are covered under the policy. The fine arts insurance can also cover the loss of value in the fine arts in case of partial damages.