Who are we?

We are a team of passionate, highly motivated and experienced professionals, committed to service excellence and customer satisfaction with a fast and solution oriented approach.

We operate under a partnership model in which, our customers get services from a team of the most experienced professionals in their respective fields. With expertise and experience, our business partners and managers are the primary contact points of our customers and they play an important role in providing comprehensive services.

Our History

Integra Insurance and Reinsurance Broking Services Inc. was established in 2015 with the vision of being “Broker of Turkey” by a team of leading experienced professionals who have played an important role during the development of the Insurance Brokerage industry in Turkey. The company was based on Çağlayan Insurance and Reinsurance Broking Services Inc., whose roots have been going back to 1982.

Integra has paved the way for significant changes in insurance and brokerage markets with the help of its business partners who have different expertises in both local and global areas. Blending the entrepreneurship and the corporate culture based on many years, the company became the center of attraction for international insurance and reinsurance companies, and international insurance brokers and other business partners.

Integra has taken its well earned place among the biggest brokerage companies in Turkey with its portfolio volume, risk management practices with different diversities and team members experienced in special risks.

What are we doing?

As a business partner that creates value for our customers and aims to protect their assets, we offer risk management and insurance solutions to support their success.

Within the scope of creating the risk strategy and the local and global insurance programs, we make the right purchases from the local and global markets by understanding and analyzing the complex risk profiles of our customers, and we provide the best service guarantee in this sense.

We have significant experience in comprehending the risk profile of Turkey’s top 500 companies operating in various sectors and we provide proper solutions for their insurance needs from the local and global markets and ensure these companies to access to the best practices.

Through our expert risk engineers, we provide consultancy services such as determination of risk management standards, and property risk analysis.

Why Integra?

We serve as a leading solution partner in risk management, insurance and reinsurance services and consultancy.

We run our own business…

We operate under a partnership model in which, our customers get comprehensive services from a team of the most experienced professionals in their respective fields.

The meeting point of the best at insurance business…

Our team consists of best known professionals in the sector, who are passionate and self-renewing on a constant basis and committed to service excellence.

We provide our services with a team of experts who understand the needs and requests of our customers. We know dynamics of companies operating in similar sectors in the world and find proper solutions from all local and global markets.

Besides Corporate Insurance Solutions, we offer comprehensive services in Special Risks…

While our customers benefit from the expertises of the best known professionals in corporate insurance and risk management needs, they receive service from our business partners and managers who are experienced in local and global practices in changing risks and sectors that require different risk solutions.

Our company has been authorised by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Treasury and Finance Insurance General Directorate with Insurance and Reinsurance licences.