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We know your requirements and we offer solutions tailored to you...The construction sector is one of the sectors with the fastest rate of growth in the world, especially in developing countries, with the impact of national economies, governmental policies and investment potentials. The close relationship between the construction sector and national economies also bears many risks. While the continuity of the sector develops the countries, it also bears complex risks for the investors in developing countries. Our team of experienced professionals evaluate the risk analyzes of construction projects in the light of investors’ and contractors’ risks, and ensure the placement of appropriate insurance policies at international and local markets.

What are our products?

It offers coverage to investors against many risks that can be caused by nature, technical / mechanical and human factors at any time starting from unloading of construction materials at the construction site until the commencement of operation.

It offers coverage for damages and losses that may occur due to sudden and unexpected reasons during erection activities.

In addition to the loss of profit insurances that cover delays attributable to physical risks, this insurance can cover financial losses suffered by both the employer and the investor in accordance with applicable insurance policies.

This insurance covers the legal liabilities assumed by the insured for tangible and bodily injuries of third parties, and associated court charges and expenses.

This is an insurance that offers coverage for legal liabilities for any claims made against the employer by an employee or his/her beneficiaries as a result of any work accident experienced by a permanent employee subject to the Social Security Organization; the consequences of any actions for recovery initiated by the Social Security Organization against the employer in connection with such work accidents; and your defence and court costs and expenses incurred in connection with actions involving such work accidents.

This insurance covers legal indemnities which professionals such as Engineering Companies, Design Companies, and Turn-key Delivery Contractors involved in Custom Projects, and etc. might have to pay to third parties for damages and losses suffered as a result of inappropriate and / or faulty acts committed in the course of their professional activities in accordance with the obligations set out in the project contract.

This insurance covers physical damages to fixed or mobile machineries available at the construction site.

This insurance covers the risks of political violence such as acts of terrorism, sabotages, strike, lockouts, riots, malicious movements, wars, civil wars, political coups, etc.

This is a policy that covers the delivery of machinery equipment and commodities to the project site during the transportation period. The risk of construction delays attributable to transportation damages may also be included in the coverage.

It covers disputes and economic losses suffered by investors and contractors due to the changes in governments and policies, especially in difficult political geographies.