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What are our products?

The Third Party Liability Insurance is an insurance that indemnifies the legal consequences of any tangible and physical damages that the insured might give to third parties in the course of its operations, together with associated court expenses. With this insurance policy, a coverage is offered for liabilities of the insured party for tangible / physical damages that might be suffered by third parties due to plant activities or due to any defects, errors, or deficiencies that may be present at the plant (e.g. the lack of necessary maintenance activities, parts falling from the plant / building, etc.)

The product Liability Insurance is an insurance policy that indemnifies the legal consequences, together with associated court expenses, of any tangible and physical damages suffered by third parties as a result of production, processing, installation, repair and modification operations of companies that are involved in mass production activities directly or through subcontractors, and that affix their own trade names or trademarks on products

The product recall insurance is a type of insurance that is offered separately from the product liability insurance but complementary to that insurance. The insurance covers costs and expenses incurred for the recall of a product in case of any bodily or tangible damages suffered by third parties due to defects in the product or in case these defects bear at risk of causing any damage.

The Directors & Officers Policy, which covers legal liabilities of employees holding a managerial position, is recommended for board members and directors. Although it is not meant a general legal definition, the director means a person who is legally responsible for managing the activities of the company, and through whom the company is able to act from a legal point of view. In many countries, whether a person is a director or not is determined not based on his/her title, but based on the role assumed by him/her in the organization. These people must be defined in the signature circular.

This insurance covers legal indemnities which professionals such as physicians, dentists, pharmacists, lawyers, architects, engineers, and etc. might have to pay to third parties for damages and losses suffered a a result of inappropriate and / or faulty acts committed by them in the course of their professional activities.

This is an insurance that offers coverage for legal liabilities for any claims made against the employer by an employee or his/her beneficiaries as a result of any work accident experienced by a permanent employee subject to the Social Security Organization; the consequences of any actions for recovery initiated by the Social Security Organization against the employer in connection with such work accidents; and your defence and court costs and expenses incurred in connection with actions involving such work accidents.

The environmental pollution insurance covers any claims made against the insuring person or entity because of any unexpected contamination or pollution of air, soil, groundwater, inland waters, and seas, or of any danger that involves such a contamination or pollution

This is a type of insurance that provides coverage by means of payment of compensation for events of death and permanent disability suffered as a result of sudden and unexpected accidents during the insurance period. Optionally, an extension for medical treatments can be offered, subject to the payment of an additional premium. The Individual Accident Policy Coverage is valid 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

This insurance provides coverage for damages and losses suffered by the insured party as a result of acts of misappropriation committed by individuals employed by or working for the insured party by stealing, embezzling, or acquiring via fraud, the possession of any monies and negotiable instruments or goods that are owned by the insured.

This insurance offers coverage for damages and losses suffered as a result of seizure or stealing by third persons, forcefully or via threatening with a firearm, of monies and negotiable instruments transmitted between the insured workplace and banks and other workplaces by employees registered to the payroll of the insured, who are in charge of transmitting monies, or as a result of any accidents or burning of a vehicle used for transmitting such monies or negotiable instruments.